The Institute of Nautical Archaeology (INA) is a non-profit international research organization committed to locating, excavating, recording, preserving, and publishing archaeological sites of maritime significance—including wrecked and buried ships, submerged ruins, and their associated artifacts. INA was founded over 40 years ago by Dr. George Bass, who in the 1960s pioneered the science of archaeological excavation under water. Our mission is to fill in the gaps of history through examination of the vessels that have traveled the world’s waterways for millennia as the major vehicles of trade, exploration, colonization, and cultural exchange.

Based in College Station, Texas and affiliated with Texas A&M University, INA conducts work around the globe on shipwrecks and submerged sites. INA’s projects represent all historical periods and geographic regions, from the 14th-century B.C. Bronze Age shipwreck at Uluburun, Turkey to the 19th-century A.D. side-wheel steamboat Heroine in Red River, Oklahoma.

INA operates the Bodrum Research Center in Bodrum, Turkey where scholars from all over the world conduct library research, conserve and analyze artifacts from INA excavations, and prepare their findings for publication. The results of this research are on public display at the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, which houses artifacts and hull remains from some of INA’s most important shipwreck excavations.