About the Burgaz Harbors Project



With its proximity to some of the most fertile land on the peninsula and ready access to the sea, the site of Burgaz, on Turkey’s Datça peninsula, is often considered to be the early settlement of the Knidians, long famed in antiquity for their Aphrodite statue. Since 1993, excavations conducted by Middle East Technical University (METU) at the site have revealed uninterrupted activity from the Geometric period through the Early Hellenistic era. Our project aims to conduct comprehensive survey and excavation in the four harbors associated with Burgaz, seeking answers about the development of the town, its ports, and its integration within a broader maritime cultural and economic landscape. The maritime project is directed by Elizabeth Greene (Brock University) and Justin Leidwanger (Stanford University) in collaboration with Numan Tuna (METU), director of the archaeological investigations at Burgaz.

We are grateful to the following institutions for financial and in-kind support of the Burgaz Harbors Project: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Canada Foundation for Innovation, Brock University, Stanford University’s Department of Classics, Honor Frost Foundation, and the Institute of Nautical Archaeology.

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