Wooden Ship Building and the Interpretation of Shipwrecks

by J. Richard Steffy

This book is a guide to the study of the most marvelous structures ever built by humankind - wooden ships and boats.  It is intended for nautical archaeologists and for anyone charged with documenting and interpreting the remains of wrecked or abandoned vessels.  It will also be of value to historians, authors, model builders, and others interested in the design and construction of wooden watercraft of the past.  Wooden Shipbuilding and the Interpretation of Shipwrecks represents a comprehensive survey of shipbuilding technology throughout human history and is one of the best treatments of this subject ever produced.

J. RICHARD STEFFY is the Sara W. and George O. Yamini Professor of Nautical Archaeology, emeritus, at Texas A&M University and the Institute of Nautical Archaeology. He has been involved in numerous shipwreck excavations in Europe, Asia, and North America. In recognition of his many contributions to the field of Nautical Archaeology, he was awarded a MacArthur Foundation fellowship in 1985.

Wooden Ship Building and the Interpretation of Shipwrecks, ISBN 0-89096-552-8 
LC 93-30036. 9x12. 328 pp. 63 b&w photos.
219 line drawings. 6 tables. Gloss. 3 apps. Bib. Index. 
Maritime Studies. Nautical Archaeology. 
Publication Date: June 1994.

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