Mariá del Pilar Luna Erreguerena
INA Affiliated Scholar
National Institute of Anthropology and History

Archaeologist Pilar Luna Erreguerena is a pioneer in the recognition, investigation and preservation of the underwater archaeological heritage of Mexico. Since 1980, she has been the head of the underwater archaeology area at the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), the official agency in charge of the protection, research, conservation, and dissemination of the national cultural patrimony.

Luna and her team are involved in several projects taking place in marine and continental waters: Research of the 1630-1631 New Spain Fleet; Inventory and Diagnosis of Submerged Cultural Resources in the Gulf of Mexico; Underwater Archaeological Atlas for recording, studying, and protecting cenotes (sinkholes) in the Yucatan Peninsula; The Manila Galleon in Baja California; Underwater Archaeology at the Nevado de Toluca Volcano; Chinchorro Bank; and Special Programs of INAH’s Underwater Archaeology Vice-Directorate.

An emeritus member of the Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology, Luna is a member of the Society for Historical Archaeology's UNESCO Committee, the International Commission on Monuments and Sites International Committee on the Underwater Cultural Heritage.  She also is a member of the board of Ships of Discovery, the chair of the Underwater Archaeology Scientific Advisory Committee for ICOMOS Mexico, an international advisory for the National Geographic Society, and is a member of the advisory board of the Waitt Institute for Discovery. She took part in the governmental experts reunions in Paris to elaborate the text of UNESCO 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage.

With colleague Margaret Leshikar-Denton, Luna recently edited "Underwater and Maritime Archaeology in Latin America and the Caribbean." Her most recent project was a survey off Mexico's Campeche Bank with the Waitt Institute for Discovery.

Additional Resources

Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia
Underwater and Martime Archaeology in Latin America
and the Caribbean
 Ed. Margaret E. Leshikar-Denton and Pilar Luna Erreguerena