Eastern Cyprus Maritime Survey
Far-flung Trade in a Quiet Roman Neighborhood

Investigator - Justin Leidwanger, INA Research Associate
Location - Cape Greco, Southeast Cyprus 
Period - circa A.D. 100

Highlights - Though scattered, the remains may provide significant insights into the long-distance and regional commercial connections of this quiet Roman province. 

Fieldwork - Four weeks were dedicated to investigating a shallow shipwreck discovered during 2007. The vessel appears to have been carrying a mixed cargo in at least three amphora types: jars from southeast Asia Minor, which predominate; a small number of a poorly documented type of unknown origin, perhaps from Cyprus itself or the neighboring mainland; and, of most interest, a form manufactured along the Mediterranean coast of France, alongside what we believe are local knock-offs of these more cosmopolitan Gaulish wine jars. Thick remains of a resinous lining probably confirm a wine content, and although additional non-cargo ceramics were recorded, no anchor or other ship fittings have yet been found.

Supporting Institutions - University of Pennsylvania, RPM Nautical Foundation and the Thetis Foundation of Cyprus

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