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Exciting discovery in Tobago!

Dr. Kroum Batchvarov, head of the Rockley Bay Research Project, and recipient of the 2104 Claude Duthuit Archaeology Grant put the monies to good use this past field season! In a press conference earlier this week, the University of Connecticut professor and INA Affiliated Scholar announced that a significant discovery had been made.

Batchvarov and his team, including Jason Paterniti and Doug Inglis, have found what are believed to be the remains of the 17th-century Dutch ship Huis de Kreuningen that sank on March 3, 1677. This ship was one of many that were lost during a fierce battle with the French in the waters of Scarborough Harbour, Trinidad & Tobago.

“What has been discovered is a treasure trove for archaeological researchers.”
— Batchvarov

For more on the Rockley Bay Shipwrecks Project explore the recently updated INA project pages and keep an eye on Kroum’s blog  for further news & announcements.

Read the Explorers Club press conference announcement here

Kroum prepares site plan  Photo: Jason Paterniti (2013)

Kroum Batchvarov prepares site plan.
Photo: Jason Paterniti (2013)