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Greatest Shipwrecks

underwater archaeology’s top ten greatest shipwrecks

The cover of Archaeology Magazine’s Shipwrecks issue

North America’s oldest and most prestigious archaeological organization— the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)— has published a special commemorative issue of Archaeology Magazine dedicated to shipwrecks! INA projects are featured prominently in a list of History’s 10 Greatest Shipwrecks, compiled by Director of Maritime Heritage for NOAA, James P. Delgado, who is also a member of Archaeology Magazine’s editorial advisory board.

Among the 10 shipwrecks listed, Cape Gelidonya (Turkey), Uluburun (Turkey), Bajo de la Campana (Spain), and Yenikapi (Turkey) are mentioned directly as INA projects, while INA archaeologists and Texas A&M University NAP students play a role in virtually all the wrecks listed. A former president of INA, Delgado also notes that “the Cape Gelidonya excavation was the first ancient shipwreck to be dug in its entirety from the seabed by archaeologists [and it] led to the founding of both the world-class Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology in Turkey and the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, the world’s leading scientific organization dedicated to the excavation and study of significant shipwrecks.”

Read the full Archaeology Magazine announcement here and to receive a printed copy of the Shipwrecks issue check your local newsstand or order a copy online today.