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“With Captain Sailors Three”

We have just posted an incredible piece of vintage archival footage on INA’s YouTube channel. “With Captain Sailors Three” was produced by National Geographic and the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (1978) and highlights the work of Michael Katzev, Dick Steffy, Susan Katzev, Robin Piercy, Chip Vincent and others on the Kyrenia Shipwreck Project.

A must see for students and fans of nautical archaeology… so grab the popcorn and enjoy! The film (in two parts) follows the discovery and archaeological excavation of the late 4th-century merchant vessel wrecked off Kyrenia, Cyprus. The excavation—the first of its kind—was carried out by an international team representing 12 different countries.

With Captain Sailors Three (1978)_film still

Video still from National Geographic archival film “With Captain Sailors Three”