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INA Archives

INA excavations and research

The INA Archives is the main repository for a wide range of materials from decades of INA excavations and research.  These materials include but are not limited to: photographs and film/video, artifact illustrations, site plans, field notebooks, dive logs, and financial records.  In addition, the INA Archives has become home to an interesting array of research materials belonging to important individuals in the field of nautical archaeology (e.g. Paul Lipke, Dominic Ruegg, Dick Steffy, and Peter Throckmorton).

The INA Archivist is responsible for the curation and organization of these materials and, as appropriate, fulfilling requests for reproductions of or access to them. Thematically, the visual material in the INA Archives documents the excavation of underwater sites since the 1950s, the equipment and techniques employed in those excavations, the recovery, conservation, and restoration of artifacts, and the people involved. Visit the Project Pages of this website to view individual image galleries.  If you are interested in accessing material in the INA Archives, send your request to, with a brief description of the material and purpose. The INA Archivist will respond with information about availability, permissions, and fees.

Copyright Notice
“All material on the Institute of Nautical Archaeology (INA) website and in its publications, including design, text, images, film, logos and sounds, are owned by INA, either through copyright or trademark, unless otherwise indicated. All rights are reserved by INA. Content may not be copied, reproduced, transmitted, distributed, downloaded or transferred in any form or by any means without INA’s prior written consent, and with express attribution to INA. Copyright infringement is a violation of federal law subject to criminal and civil penalties.

A copyright processing fee is applicable to each individual image, film, table, logo, or publication cover unless expressly waived. Follow this link to view the pricelist and fill out the form below with your media request for processing.”

Placing an Order
To make a request to use an INA image, please fill out the image request form, indicating whether or not you intend to publish the images. Once the form is submitted and approval granted, you will receive an invoice for the applicable fees. Written permission to reproduce the image(s) will follow. Updated image and video pricelists will be announced soon.

Digital Images
In recent years, INA has been digitizing its thousands of archival images as high-resolution electronic files. However, many of the images found in the Project pages of this site are housed as low-resolution files. If you require high-resolution copies of our images, please indicate this in your image request form. We will contact you if the image you require must be re-digitized to meet your specifications and some additional fees may apply.

INA does not grant exclusive rights to reproduce images.

Possession of an INA image does not express INA’s permission to reproduce the image, or permit the holder to allow others to do so.

Photo credit line: the user is responsible for copyright clearance. When an image is reproduced, the credit line should read: Copyright or Courtesy of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology/photographer’s name (when available).

Limitations: photographic material must not be used to imply that INA endorses any commercial product or enterprise, or concurs with the opinion expressed in any texts used with INA photographs.

Duplication, printing, and shipping fees are payable whether the image is reproduced or not. Your check should be issued through a U.S. bank and made payable to INA in U.S. dollars.


    Photo request form

    (Please include details about the publication in which the image will appear and the digital file requirements)