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The INA Quarterly has been published since Spring 1974 by the Institute of Nautical Archaeology and continues to be published twice a year as a double issue. It is a news and information magazine focused on the Institute and its many research and fieldwork projects, as well as the news and events relevant to the nautical archaeology community and of interest to the general public.  INA members receive a hard copy of the INA Quarterly, while each double issue is accessible online one year after publication. To enjoy your print copy now, join INA and receive the INA Quarterly as a benefit of membership!

Vol. 48 No. 3/4, Fall/Winter 2021

In this Issue:

  • Nautical Archaeologists We Lost in 2021
  • Renewed Excavations at El Sec, Mallorca
  • Archaeometallurgy of Cape Gelidonya Ingots
  • The 2021 Board Meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Tributes to Lucy Darden, Berta Lledó, and Faith Hentschel


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Articles & Reports

TINA Maritime Archaeology Periodical

Readers looking for the periodical published by our sister organization, the Turkish Foundation for Underwater Archaeology (TINA), can find it  here.

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