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Welcome back to the Burgaz Harbors Project blog as we begin our 2014 field season. Our project investigates how changes in local maritime landscape, seaborne connectivity, and harbor infrastructure reflect the evolving civic, military, and socioeconomic identity of the site and its commercial horizons between the Archaic period and Late Antiquity. In 2014, planned excavation and survey continue in Harbor 1 and along the Seawall, long associated with the earliest phases of the site. We seek information about the construction and use of the early harbor and its association with the settlement on land. In Harbor 2, we aim to explore the built harbor works and their possible connection with military usage and the fortification of the city. Finally, new work in Harbor 4 investigates the later industrial stages of the harbors, as we focus on an area of workshops and built dolia, apparently used in association with seaside industries and the production and packing of wine for export.

Please follow our blog for updates about the season!