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The team assembles at INA’s BRC. Front: Yael, Sarah, Molly; Middle: Annie, Karl, Meg; Back: Justin, Roi, Tyler, Megan C, Liz, Max. Not pictured: Lana, Megan D, Grace, Tessa, Troy

The Burgaz team assembles in Bodrum, joining Justin, Molly, and Tessa who have been here two weeks already working on amphoras in the museum. We have a diverse team this summer, representing a number of countries and universities. Molly and Tessa are Brock graduate students; Lana hails from the University at Buffalo, SUNY (via an MA at Brock). Megan D and Annie are Stanford graduate and undergraduate students respectively. Our largest contingent comes from Texas A&M’s Nautical Archaeology program, ably represented by Meg A, Megan C, Karl, Tyler, and Grace. Sarah joins us from the University of Pennsylvania, and Troy (a 2006 MA from Texas A&M’s Nautical program) takes a vacation from his position as Assistant State Underwater Archaeologist at the Maryland Historical Trust to work with us this summer. Our newest team member, Max, has yet to commit to a university affiliation but nonetheless directs the efforts of several staff on a regular basis. The Bodrum Research Center serves as a perfect staging ground for the project, located just a short ferry ride away. We spend our days assembling our gear, putting together a few new dredges, and sending some to Rhodes for reseach visas. The dorms are nearly bursting with people and energy, as multiple teams tackle the many projects under study in the lab and museum.