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INA Archives

Welcome to the INA Archives!

The Institute of Nautical Archaeology Archives (INAA) contains a wide range of materials that deal with an expansive range of content from underwater archaeology projects all around the world.  Items in the collection include original manuscripts dating to 1740 all the way up to digital files from current excavations.  In addition to documents, the INAA holds a variety of other materials including silicone molds of artifacts, motion picture film, memorabilia of significant INA figures and more.  The diversity of material types in the INAA collection makes it unique and INA works diligently to ensure its long term preservation and storage.  If you have questions about materials in the INAA collection, please contact INA’s archivist, Meg Hagseth at

Check back here for regular updates on INAA projects!

J.R. Steffy Collection

From the INA Vault

INA’s Motion Picture Film Collection