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Building the INA Endowment

INA Launches a new Fundraising Campaign to build its nearly $5 million endowment to $30 million in the next five years and provide $1.5 million each year to enable INA researchers to seek out the world’s most significant shipwrecks and nautical sites, many of them at risk of loss from salvage, trawling and looting. This important state-of-the-art scientific work will be aimed at preserving and sharing the unique stories and insights into human history, still hidden beneath the seas.

The INA Endowment was created as a stable and sustainable fund to help maintain INA as a world leader in nautical archaeology. Managed by the INA Foundation who wisely invests the funds and provides INA with an annual 5% (five percent) distribution, the Endowment support INA’s work around the world. Through the endowment, INA  provides annual grants to support qualified researchers and scientists to discover and excavate significant shipwrecks and underwater sites. The endowment also supports the Institute’s Bodrum Center and its role as the Eastern Mediterranean center for conservation, analysis, research, publication. And an expanded endowment will support the “behind the scenes” work to research, write, edit and prepare the results of years of dedicated work underwater and in the laboratories, and ultimately to share this knowledge with the public and new generations of students and scholars, through distribution in print, film & multimedia and online. Learn more about the INA Endowment and INA Research and other work at