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INA Welcomes Frederick “Fritz” Hanselmann

Frederick “Fritz” Hanselmann has just joined the INA team as its Field Archaeologist and Dive Safety Officer. While INA has employed individuals in both capacities in the past, this is the first time the two duties have been combined. Hanselmann, a PhD candidate in Anthropology from Indiana University, has strong credentials as a dive professional, and is considered a talented emerging scholar in nautical and maritime archaeology.

Hanselmann’s duties include a comprehensive overhaul of INA’s diving program, project director’s manuals, the creation of modular equipment packages to support INA field teams, the establishment of an INA Dive Control Board, and monitoring and assisting INA archaeological projects around the globe. He will work closely with INA’s global team of research associates and affiliated scholars, and be an important liaison with INA’s principal partners at Texas A&M University and its world-class Nautical Archaeology Program.

INA President and CEO James Delgado explains that “we are delighted to have someone of Fritz’s caliber join INA. Fritz helps build INA’s capacity to be responsive to increased demands in archaeological assessment of important and endangered sites, and to accommodate and respond to increasingly complex and stringent standards and regulations for dive safety.” Learn more about Fritz and INA activities at