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New Position for NAP Graduate

Congratulations to INA Research Associate Dr. Piotr Bojakowski on his appointment as Executive Director for the Edmonds Historical Museum in Edmonds, Washington.

Piotr Bojakowski at dive site in Bermuda.

Piotr Bojakowski at dive site in Bermuda.

A native of Poland, Bojakowski completed his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Nevada, then made the move to Texas A&M University to pursue a doctorate in historical archeology, artifact conservation and historic preservation. While there he met his future wife Katie Custer, a doctoral candidate in Anthropology. The pair became the principal investigators of the Warwick Project in Bermuda, overseeing the excavation of the 17th century English galleon in the shallow waters of Castle Harbour.

For more on Piotr and the Warwick Project visit: