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2022 Notable Award Recipients

INA staff, together with faculty and graduate students of the Nautical Archaeology Program at Texas A&M University, congratulate the recipients of the 2022 recipients who received INA’s distinguished awards.

Every year INA awards the $30,000 Claude Duthuit Archaeology Grant to a single underwater archaeological project that captures the innovative, bold, and dedicated spirit of Claude Duthuit, a pioneer in the field of nautical archaeology and INA Director for three decades who valued innovation and a willingness to take risks. The 2022 Claude Duthuit Archaeology Grant winner is Deborah Cvikel (University of Haifa, Israel) who plans to continue the excavation and reconstruction of the 7th-8th century Ma’agan Mikhael B shipwreck, discovered in 2005 off the Carmel coast of Israel. Congratulations to Cvikel and her team!

The George and Ann Bass Endowment for Nautical Archaeology Publications honors two of INA’s Founders and supports a cause that is very close to their hearts: the final publication of archaeological material excavated by INA. This Endowment provides up to $25,000 per year in funding to one or two worthy applicant(s). We are delighted to announce the 2022 recipient of the Bass Publication Grant is INA Research Associate and NAP alumna Dr. Cheryl Ward! Ward plans to publish the results of archaeological fieldwork conducted by INA-Egypt between 1994 and 1998 on the Sadana Island shipwreck, an 18th-century markab located near Safaga, Egypt on the Red Sea coast. The Sadana Island ship opens doors to understanding a previously undocumented method of ship construction. Congratulations, Cheryl!

The INA Archaeological Committee recently awarded over $100,000 in grants for the 2022 season. We are delighted to announce that the INA Discovery Fund will support six different archaeological projects in Italy, Spain, and the United States. The specific research goals span a broad range from the third millennium B.C. to the 18th century.