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Announcing the INA Discovery Fund

INA is pleased to announce a brand new funding opportunity made possible by a recent donation from a very generous family of INA supporters.

The INA Discovery Fund has been established to provide annual monetary awards to worthy research and fieldwork projects, including surveys. The application is open to all scholars, but preference will be given to projects involving INA-excavated artifacts or shipwrecks. The successful candidate must demonstrate how the proposed project adds to our knowledge of history; the element of discovery should be central to the project proposal. Suitable topics might include the discovery of a shipwreck during survey, the discovery of an artifact/assemblage during excavation, or the discovery of compelling data during the course of research and analysis.

Funding requests should not exceed $25,000. INA may choose to make a single award of $25,000 or several smaller awards totaling up to $25,000. The minimum award will be $5,000.

Applicants for 2019 awards should complete the project proposal form on the INA website ( and submit their completed proposal to by September 15, 2018.  Proposals will be reviewed beginning in October 2018.