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The George and Ann Bass Endowment for Nautical Archaeology Publications

INA is pleased to announce a new funding opportunity made possible by a recent donation from a very generous INA supporter.

The George and Ann Bass Endowment for Nautical Archaeology Publications will be awarded for the first time in 2019. We anticipate that the Bass Endowment will provide one award of $25,000 or two awards of $12,500 every year. Applicants may seek funding for expenses such as: faculty leave to support dedicated writing time, travel to conduct relevant research leading directly to publication, and manuscript preparation (artifact photography, illustration, indexing) to include the hiring of necessary support staff. Preference will be given to (a) publications that result from INA-affiliated excavations and (b) books or monographs over journal articles.

News of this incredible honor reached the Basses on Ann’s 80th birthday, which we celebrated with an appropriately themed “book cake” modeled after those volumes in the Nautical Archaeology Series of Texas A&M University Press, established by George.

As an incentive, award recipients who indicate in the application their intention to submit the completed manuscript for publication in the Nautical Archaeology Series of TAMU Press will be eligible for subvention funding (amount to be determined) provided by TAMU Press.

Many of you are well aware that in recent years INA has increased significantly the amount of funding available for surveys, excavation, and conservation. The George and Ann Bass Endowment for Nautical Archaeology Publications is a major milestone because it provides dedicated funding for one of the most important but protracted aspects of our work.

We hope to have an online application form in place by the end of this year and we encourage you to begin considering how the George and Ann Bass Endowment for Nautical Archaeology Publications aligns with your own publication plans.