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Patacho of Pedro Diaz

Continuing radial searches on magnetic anomalies

While continuing to dredge on target 3, other members of the team were sent to investigate the smaller targets within the survey grid. This consisted primarily of radial surveys combined with underwater metal detecting. Once a buried target was located, positions were recorded by archaeologists and hand fanning was done to slowly remove sediment in order to determine if the ferrous target was cultural or simply buried non-cultural debris, of which there is a lot in this cove. So far, it appears that most of the material detected in this fashion underwater is non-cultural. Each uncovered object was measured, sketched, photographed, and reburied. ┬áThis process helps us learn more about what types of ferrous materials can be found spread throughout the Cove of Baleeira, however, and tells us quite a bit about the burial environment in which the patacho’s remains may be found.