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Kumluca Bronze Age Shipwreck Excavation – Turkey

2020 Project

Kumluca Bronze Age Shipwreck Excavation (Turkey)
Cemal Pulak (Texas A&M University/INA) and Hakan Öniz (Akdeniz University)

In summer 2019, a quarter-century after the (1984-1994) excavation of the world-famous Late Bronze Age shipwreck at Uluburun, Turkey, an INA team under the direction of Professor Cemal Pulak, in partnership with Associate Professor Hakan Öniz, and under the auspices of the Antalya Museum, embarked on the excavation of yet another Bronze Age shipwreck off of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. Based on the roughly 100 copper ingots visible on the seabed, this wreck seems to date even earlier than the Uluburun ship, to the 16th or 15th century B.C. – presenting an unparalleled opportunity to learn about the methodological and metallurgical origins of these earliest ingots.