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Rockley Bay Research Project

Publicity on INA’s Tobago project

This article just made it online today and had gathered much interest and comments at the University of Connecticut. The release of the article coincided with a lecture I gave today at the Humanities Institute of UCONN on our research into the 1677 battle of Tobago. Alas, the article has some glaring errors, as the writer has not incorporated my corrections. The most obvious ones are that we are not sponsored by National Geographic and that not all the cannon are 18 or 24-pounders. Still, it is good publicity and specifically mentions INA.

Kroum Batchvarov, assistant professor of maritime archaeology, prepares a site plan for an underwater excavation.  Photo: Jason Paterniti

Kroum Batchvarov, preparing site plan for excavation.
Photo: Jason Paterniti