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Welcome to the Shelburne Steamboat Graveyard blog!

Things are looking good for our three weeks at Shelburne Bay this June.  We’ve got our ‘log cabin in the woods’ booked, and pictures show it’s actually quite nice.  A little off the beaten path, but as our Lake Champlain Maritime Museum (LCMM) connection says, it’ll be a ‘real Vermont experience’ (in other words we may or may not have internet and/or cell phone reception).  Of course, the best field schools don’t usually come with the comforts of home – where would the sense of adventure come from?

After a meeting last week, our ten students are finalizing certifications and travel arrangements.  As part of the nautical archaeology program’s ‘Shipwreck Weekend’ this past Saturday, I gave a quick presentation on some of the mysteries we’ll be trying to solve this summer.  Wasn’t I surprised when more than a couple of people told me how exciting this trip sounds!  Here I thought I was the only one excited.

I’m off to chat with the owners of the marina where we’ll be working out of, but stay tuned as we get closer to June – more exciting news to come!



A view of the house we’ve rented.