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By Michael Pawlus

In an effort to obtain the best possible outcome for our test brew, the team has begun initial talks with Karbach Brewing Company in Houston.

Karbach Brewing, founded in 2011, has a proven track record of brewing success and will be assisting our efforts by brewing a modern variation of the selected recipe and hosting a fundraiser, featuring the tribute beer, at the recently renovated brewery in Houston.   The knowledge possessed by the staff at Karbach as well as the capacity and willingness to assist with such an interesting project will help spread the outcomes of the project and raise awareness of other projects going on as well. Some of the team made the trip from College Station to meet up with Brand Manager David Graham and Brew Master, Eric Warner to tour the facility and lay out a plan for execution.

Karbach Visit. (L to R: Mike, David, Grace, Christopher, Eric, and Justin)

Meanwhile, we have been in touch with Nathan Barkman, the owner of Rio Brazos Distillery, who has been so kind to donate a few casks for both the project and the two exhibits planned in Houston. Rio Brazos Distillery specializes in using locally sourced grains and simple, small-batch, pot-distillation for making premium whiskeys and bourbon. The SBSB team is also considering making some 17th-century distillates with Mr. Barkman to get our hands dirty and explore how aqua vitae was made in the past.


Last but not least, Karyn and Calvin Medders at Chubby Dog Farm will be helping us prepare the salted beef and salted pork for our project.

Chubby Dog Farm specializes in heritage mangalitsa-red wattle pigs on wooded acres and GMO-free feed and no antibiotics or hormones ever. Take a look at their lovely farm here!

Thanks to all of our wonderful collaborators and sponsors without whom this project would not be possible.