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We got in a good dive yesterday and today but also unfortunately experienced setbacks to the project both days. Our ROV arrived with a damaged whip and joystick from travel (we think during inspection the pelican case lid was shut on them). Luckily we’ve been able to source another VideoRay while we wait for the whip repair to be delivered. On Tuesday we were able to dive and place the datum points and some targets, but had to curtail the rest of the day due to not having the ROV. Today we were able to put the ROV on site, however a regional wind made further work impossible after a few hours. We abandoned the Tulsamerican site for the day and completed a dive on a B-24 wing in the sheltered Komiža harbor. We are diving at least 2 other B-24 wing sites in harbor areas to take corrosion potential measurements and pH readings. These wings were caught in trawler’s nets more than 40 years ago and brought closer into shore to be dumped. Comparing the measurements to the ones we take off the Tulsamerican will help us determine the corrosion rates of B-24 aircraft in this area.

A distant view of the datum point and 3 surround targets to make a meter square box.

VideoRay on site

and divers in the water!