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Phoenix (II) Rising

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The Shelburne Shipyard Steamboat Graveyard Research Project, directed by Dr. Kevin Crisman (INA Vice President) and Carolyn Kennedy a Texas A&M Ph.D. student, was featured in an article on the Texas A&M University College of Liberal Arts Blog.  The article describes the field season and the next steps for the recovered artifacts now housed in the New World Lab of the Nautical Archaeology Program.  The Shelburne Shipyard Steamboat Graveyard Research Project was the 2016 recipient of the Claude Duthuit Archaeology grant, which provides the project with $25,000 in support.  Learn more about the Shelburne Shipyard Steamboat Graveyard Research Project here, or read the full article on!
The project entails the study of four steamboat hulls that currently lie in Shelburne Shipyard, Lake Champlain, Vermont.